Joe Achilles M2 Competition SP Clubsport build



Here at Swift Performance we've had the pleasure of working with Joe Achilles and his beloved M2 Competition over the last year. Through various stages, we've upgraded it from a good going fast road car to a track ready monster!

For those of you that don't know, with over 200,000 Youtube subscribers, video views in the millions and more recently writing for EVO Magazine, Joe is recognised as one of the most informed voices when it comes to all things BMW and much more. Check out more about Joe via the link above.

Let's get straight into it and detail the 3 main stages of Joe's M2 transformation/upgrades from fast road to a clubsport track-car.


STAGE 1 - Brakes & Suspension


STAGE 2 - Cage & Seats


STAGE 3 - Coming soon